Introduce To Hotel Introduce you to the Eldis Regent Hotel.


'The Eldis Regent Hotel with a sense of comfort.' Hello.
I'm Doheon Kim, the representative of Eldis Regent Hotel.

I worked in the information technology field and tried to diversify my business into the hotel business.
Twenty years ago, I took over the old Dongsan Hotel and grew it into a special second-class hotel.

Our hotel became a landmark hotel building in the center of Daegu.
It is located in the station area of subway lines 1, 2, and 3, and is nearby Hyundai, Lotte, Dong-A Department Store and Dongseong-ro Seomun Market, making it convenient for business, tourism and shopping.
With customer satisfaction first, we will do our best to leave the region and grow into a world-class hotel as a trendy hotel through needs and wants.
I wish you all the best in your family.

Kim Do-heon, CEO of Eldis Regent Hotel

New Wing Story


The concept of the new hotel is a hotel reminiscent of the view of downtown Manhattan.

The moment I got out of the elevator, the magic hallway...
It leads customers to a fantasy world.

The moment you open the door of the room, you will see a world like you're in Manhattan, New York.
The night view of Daegu City is naturally admired.
Each room in the new hotel has its own story.

Enjoy the luxury of the new hotel culture in your new hotel room.

Main Wing Story


The main hotel concept is a European business hotel.

Perfect air conditioning and soundproofing are perfect.
I can't even hear any noise on the street.

Each room has a unique view.
It contains interesting and different stories.
It is a perfect collaboration with modern cultural heritages scattered around the hotel.
The story of the missionaries who settled in the estate was whispered.
Please feel European culture in the main room.

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